Miranda Review

Miranda Hart, love her or loath her? That was the question asked in a newspaper survey this week. Astonishingly 90% opted for the former. I had never seen Miranda before, I had never wanted to. Having seen her promoting the show on several chat shows I found her to be one of the least amusing and appealing ‘comedians’ I have ever come across. However, there are clearly a lot of people out there who disagree with me so maybe it was time to let her change my opinion. The sitcom is now in its second series, there had to be some winning formula, or not.
Well it turns out Miranda is a very tall woman who runs a joke shop. The shop scenario can work, look at Black Books but my first impressions were not good. The canned laughter suggests the target audience is one that requires prompting. I certainly did. The jokes are basic, old fashioned and predictable. But for a few sexual references it wouldn’t be out of place on CBBC. The most irritating thing is when Miranda addresses the camera as if you’re her best friend. I’m not and I wish she would stop.
Maybe I’m being a bit harsh, it’s clearly not aimed at me and I can understand how some people may find it charming. Having never seen it before its possible I missed some running jokes or interesting character relationships, it’s hard to see though. It’s basically an inoffensive, unimaginative hark back to 70’s sitcom. Maybe that’s what people want at times like this but fans of alternative comedy will find Miranda excruciating viewing and I for one will not be watching again.


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