Who Will Win The World Cup?

We ought to get this debate started early; it’s going to dominate our summers after all. Who will win the World Cup? With less than 50 days to go we are beginning to get a clearer picture of who’s fit, on form and firing. Unfortunately not many of these can be said of the England team right now, but I’ll save that for later. Of course there will be the usual surprises along the way but of the 32 teams most have little, or no chance of winning so I will focus on my top 8.


If Diego Maradonna knows what he is doing he does a very good job of disguising it. He used over 50 players in a terrible qualifying campaign that included a 6-1 defeat to Bolivia. World-class players have been dropped in favour of uncapped veterans in a series of bizarre goings on. There are even suggestions El Diego is holding back his countries best players in order to protect his legacy as the best ever. You would expect a similarly laughable World Cup this summer but somehow I doubt it. Argentina will have one of the most talented squads in South Africa, including the mercurial Messi. In spite of their manager I believe they will be a dangerous team capable of beating anybody. Don’t be surprised to see them win it, similarly don’t be surprised to see them fall at the first hurdle.
Prediction: Quarter Finals


Always among the favorites, no different this time round. Brazil now have a solid defense to back up their traditional flair and style. Dunga has instilled a real battling spirit and managed to bring trouble causers such as Elano and Robinho into line. I’d expect them to be in the final, at England’s expense.
Prediction: Runners-Up


The nation waits on baited breath once again on our walking wounded. At the time of writing it looks like Capello may just piece together a full strength squad, but history tells us to expect a major casualty a la Beckham, Owen, Rooney. It is popular opinion that England have no chance without the Manchester United forward, I do not subscribe to this theory. Yes he is one of the worlds best, yes he is integral to England, but we are not a one man team. England are blessed with several world class players that will be the envy of many others in the tournament. It remains to be seen if Terry and Gerrard can regain top form in time, but there are several others peaking just at the right time. Capello’s England have the resilience that’s been missing in recent competitions and I do not see them crumbling as easily under pressure. Unfortunately there is still a lot of ground to make up on Spain and Brazil so we may have to make do with a well earned 3rd place.
Prediction: Semi Finals


No outstanding players of note, but perhaps the most solid and well prepared team. I’m sure the same has been said of Germany for the last four or five tournaments but it’s just the German way. They will qualify from their group, get an easy run to the semi’s and narrowly lose to a far superior opponent.
Prediction: Semi Finals


In many ways similar to England, great players great expectations, not-so-great results. If fit and firing they will be a good side and if Robben’s current form continues he could make them the surprise package. Their worry will be the poor form of so many others, who’s promising careers have stalled since their big money moves. Exciting to watch and will score plenty, just not against the big guns.
Prediction: Quarter Finals


Very hard to imagine a repeat of 2006, mainly because I think the competition is much better but also because Italy do not look like the side they where. The core of the squad is aging and the new breed have not lived up to expectation, narrowly ousting Ireland to qualify. Will qualify from an easy group and will be hard to beat but do not look like world champions.
Prediction: Quarter Finals


May be a contentious choice in place of France in my top eight, yet the first African World Cup could yet see the first African champions. Captained and Spearheaded by Didier Drogba they have a powerful team with bags of european experience. Poor performance in the African Cup Of Nations was a surprise and they have arguably the toughest draw, alongside Portugal and Brazil. If they get past the group stage they may gain momentum.
Prediction: Group Stage


Best keeper, best midfield,, best attack, defense is not to shabby either should the opposition actually get the ball.
Prediction: Winners

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